Saturday, March 01, 2008 goes.

For some reason, I haven't been eating lunch until about 3pm on weekends. It makes absolutely no sense for someone like me, who is literally obsessive about meals. The problem is, I just moved to a new neighborhood (Ft. Greene/Clinton Hill) and don't really know any of the restaurants yet. I could make food, but there's nothing good in the fridge... another result of being in a new 'hood. For the last hour, I've been searching for great dumpling images to put up as the header image to this brand new blog. Of course, now that I've been looking at dumpling images, I want to have some. But where will I order from??? Instead of figuring that out, here are some runner up images. Thanks to whoever took these mouthwatering pics. Soon I will stop stealing from the web and actually go out and take some photos of my own, I promise. And to whomever took these pictures, thank you.

These look great. They look really fresh and homemade. Though just 5 is not nearly enough!

YUM. Tried to add the source of this image, but the blog has moved. The description says this is a "sweet" dumpling filled with chicken, chinese cabbage and garlic. Looks perfectly crispy and good to me! I like when dumplings are especially golden and crispy looking, like these. I also like how they're served with chili sauce and the soy sauce looks like it's got some garlic and sesame oil in it. Delish.

SIDE NOTE: A word about dumpling accoutrement...
The best is to have your main dipping sauce consist of a mix of finely chopped scallions and garlic in soy sauce with a bit of sesame oil. Then, include a side of Sriracha sauce and/or a sweet chili sauce.

Just wanted to mix it up with this pic of fried pork buns. These are freaking fantastic also. The slightly sweet bread and mixture of pork, chinese cabbage, garlic, ginger. YUM.

Oh yeah, the header pic is from Epicurious! Here's a video that shows how to make what looks like a pretty amazing dumpling (although it's arguable because my mom's dumplings are the best... recipe is kind of a secret... I'll think about posting it.)

Alright, it's almost 3pm - time for lunch. Off to find some dumplings!