Sunday, April 27, 2008

Not Gourmet... but Okay

When a restaurant names itself Gourmet, it's really setting itself up for doubt. I mean, it's like calling yourself Super Intelligent Hottie. No one is going to buy it. Case in point: Szechuan Gourmet. (ha, right).

I ordered from Szechuan Gourmet awhile back. No surprise, I got pan fried pork dumplings as an appetizer and as my main, Ten Ingredients Rice Angel Hai Mei Fun. The food overall was okay. I ordered delivery, so by the time it arrived, everything was luke warm and the dumplings, which appeared to have been pan fried were soggy. They weren't bad though, flavor-wise. The skin was thin, the way I like it. The pork was kind of plain, but not bad and not incredibly greasy.

The Ten Ingredients Mei Fun was pretty good. I feel like there were only 7 ingredients (scallion, pork, chicken, egg, carrots, noodes, sauce -- does that count?), but it was pretty decent overall and there was a huge portion.

A coworker ordered the Szechuan Pork Dumpling with Chili -- these were actually quite good; more like Wontons but more flavorful than the ones I had. The only issue was there was a TON of garlic. Not good for the workplace.

Overall, okay. I may have been more impressed if the place were just called Szechuan House.

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